What is a Car Park Bollard?

fold down bollard


A car park bollard is a collapsible bollard (also known as a Fold Down Bollard) that folds down on itself. It's ideal uses are to:

  1. Reserve Your Car Park
  2. Apartment Complexes with limited parking
  3. Adhere to council regulations

Being collapsible we can ship the Car Park Bollard anywhere in australia or around the world. TKO Bollards offers 2 variants of the car park bollard - a 900mmx150x50 rectangle Car Park Bollard located HERE

We have a second product which is smaller and designed for ease of use & those on a budget, this is located HERE and the specs are 620mmx63x40.

We recommend car park bollards to companies or houses that don't have an area to store a removable bollard.



TKO Bollards

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