Removable Car Park Bollards - 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bollards to Protect Your Cars

Classic Cars Removable Bollards

As cars are getting more expensive, more and more people are starting to install a Bollard or Security Post into their garage or car park. So the question is, why are people installing Bollards? I have listed 3 Reasons down below. 


 1. To Deter People from Breaking into your Car and Driving away.

  • The presence of a Bollard in front of a car is enough to give a potential thief second thoughts about stealing your car. 
  • If installed correctly, there would be no room to accelerate out of the Car Park/Garage.

2. Insurance Purposes.

    • Some Insurances require Vehicles over $100,000 to install Security Bollards and Alarms in their garage. 

    3. Add an extra level of security and reassurance to your home.

    • Adding a Bollard adds a physical barrier of security to protect your car, which creates another roadblock for a potential robbery.
    • A piece of mind knowing that you have physical security measures set in place. 


    So what Bollards should you buy to protect your cars? 

    As Bollards tend to be a permanent feature, we recommend that you buy the Removable Bollard range, as it makes it easy for you to remove when needed while also securing your Car while parked. Also, all our Removable Bollards come with an internal locking mechanism that key locks into the ground. If the mechanism is tampered with, the Bollard permanently locks itself into the ground preventing it from being moved. 

    Lamborghini Bollards


    Can you install Bollards?

    Yes, we can. If you are interested in how we install our Bollards, please view our Bollards Install Blog here:

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