Galvanised Bollards

The standard TKO Galvanised Bollard range is the most commonly used in high traffic industrial and commercial areas due to its cost-efficient pricing through to its durability and low maintenance features, some features of the Galvanised Bollard are:

  • Tough and Hard Wearing
  • Long Lasting
  • Rust Resistant
  • Easy To Touch Up
  • Ability to be Core Filled
  • Cost Effective
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Galvanised Bollards (14)

220 OD/MM In-Ground Galvanised Bollard - 1625mm


273 OD/MM Galvanised In-Ground Bollard


90 OD/MM Surface Mounted - Galvanised Bollard


100 OD/MM Galvanised Surface Mounted Bollard


114 OD/MM Galvanised Surface Mounted Bollard