For jobs where aesthetics are an important factor TKO Bollards has introduced a new line of 316 Stainless Steel Bollards
In our Brisbane Bollards production facility, TKO Bollards manufactures and produces a broad range of Stainless Steel Bollards.
Featuring a variety of options, our Brisbane Stainless Steel Bollards come with a range of included features such as; Internal Lock and provided key (for removable) 4x Dyna Bolts for surface mounted and Hi-Vis tape.

Stainless Steel | In-Ground Bollards (15)

220 OD/MM In-Ground Stainless Steel Bollard


114 OD/MM Stainless Steel In-Ground Removable Bollard


90 OD/MM Stainless Steel In-Ground Removable Bollard


140 OD/MM Solar Lighting LEC In-Ground Stainless Steel Bollard


90mm Mitred Top - 316 Stainless Steel - In Ground