5 Reasons why should you use Timber Bollards

Why you should install timber bollards

Bollards all come in different shapes and sizes. We mainly stock Steel Bollards, but recently we have started to stock Timber Bollards. In this blog, we're going to give you 5 Reasons why should you use Timber Bollards. 

  • They don’t stand out – Most Steel Bollards are Powder Coated Yellow, whereas Timber compliments the environment
  • Cheaper – They are significantly cheaper than Steel Bollards (Labour Costs, time of production, equipment etc)
  • Can be sourced locally – You can get local Bollards from local companies across Australia.
  • Better for the environment – Timber is a natural, renewable product whereas steel bollard production requires massive amounts of power and a longer lead time to produce. Timber also absorbs Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore it helps the environment.
  • CCA Treated. All our Timber Bollards are CCA treated, which means that the pine is resistant to rot and insect attack.


One extra reason:

  • Timber Bollards provide security without disturbing the natural look and feel of the environment. They are specifically designed to provide protection that the Metal Bollards provide and to meet the "outdoor" look. Widely used in Parks, National Parks, Residential Areas and Outdoor Areas.

 Timber Bollard install


Check out the installation of our Timber Bollards at Cedar Lake Country Resort right here: Click here to go to the article