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TKO Bollards has been supplying builders and contractors Australia wide with premium Bollards and Wheel Stops for decades.

From mass production to unique custom bollards TKO Bollards has you covered.

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With the fabrication requirements already in place, TKO Bollards was made to help Australian businesses and builders have access to high-quality, Australian Made car park protection.

Our dedication to quality custom bollards is second to none and our relentless pursuit of customer success drive everything we do.

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As Australian Bollard manufactures TKO Bollards is a uniquely positioned bollard company that unlike most of the market makes all bollards in our Brisbane workshop. This means for customers who need custom bollards designed and manufactured we've got the experience to make your custom bollard.

Outside of custom bollards, TKO also manufacture City Council Bollards to the exact design specifications that are required. Often some locations will require the city or towns unique bollard opposed to the more traditional yellow bollard. We've made City Council Bollards for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne city councils.

See how TKO Bollards can help with your standard or custom bollard job by talking to our sales and estimation team for an over the phone price or a quote.

The Brisbane Airport Corporation

relied on TKO Bollards to install hundreds of rubber wheelstops, In Ground Bollards, Removable Bollards and Security Bollards to help the AirPark car park be useable and up to Australian Standards.

Zarrafa's coffee drive thru

is serving safe coffee with TKO bollards placed around the perimeter of the shop, customers and pedestrians will be able to focus more on protecting their food and drink orders.