Council Bollards & Bike Racks

TKO Bollards offers a diverse range of council specified bollards and bike racks.

Whether you're a local council, business, or individual looking for reliable and high-quality solutions, TKO Bollards has a range of options to suit your needs. Our council bollards are designed to enhance safety, security, and traffic management in public spaces and whether you need fixed bollards, removable bollards, fold down bollards, or surface-mounted bollards for your project, we have the right option for you. Our range has been fabricated using high quality Australian steel, stainless steel and hardwood, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability in all weather conditions.

TKO Bollards also offers a range of bike racks designed to provide secure parking solutions for bicycles. Our stainless steel bike racks are ideal for public spaces, parks, schools, and workplaces.

If you have any custom requirements, please get in touch with the TKO Bollards Team.

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