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Wheel Stops

Our Wheel Stops are focussed on three areas. Safety, Longevity and Price.

As an Australian owned company manufacturing steel bollards, we’ve found it helpful to our existing customers to stock a large quantity of wheel stops.

At any one time we stock 1,000+ Rubber Wheel Stops and 200+ Concrete Wheel Stops with the ability to get concrete made to order from a local plant.

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Rubber Wheel Stops and Concrete Wheel Stops

Rubber Wheel Stops. 

TKO Bollards stocks a premium range of Rubber Wheel Stops that have an anti-slip finish and manufacturing process to assist with increasing safety in your car park, these premium rubber wheel stops come with three x drilling points which have proven to increase their structural strength many times over compared to the traditional 2 x drill point stops.

Concrete Wheel Stops

Our concrete wheel stops have been refined through a collective manufacturing agreement with a nearby concrete supplier who have grown alongside TKO Bollards. All of our Concrete Wheel Stops come with rio to reinforce the wheel stop and can be colour matched to your brand.

These concrete wheelstops come with 2x drilling holes, as well as being colour coded to your brand we are also able to attach logo to each wheel stop. Both colour matching and logos is an extra cost.

If you’re looking for some assistance with your order of Wheel Stops, or need some help in choosing the best wheel stop for your job, please contact our sales team who are experienced and ready to help.