About TKO Bollards

About Us

TKO Bollards is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Operating as part of Kennedy Welding & TKO Ltd Ptd, their dedicated team of professionals has supplied safe, quality Australian Made bollards to businesses, homes and commercial sites across Australia.

From bollards, speed humps to wheel stops, TKO Bollards stock a variety of building products that are ideal for airports, shopping centres, businesses, hospitals, schools and homes – anywhere security is a priority.

Bollards come in various forms. Whether you choose to fix your bollards in-ground or prefer a retractable option, we will send out a professional to install it for you in the correct manner.


We make our bollards right here in Brisbane, Australia. Buying from TKO Bollards not only provides you with top quality bollards, but you are also supporting Australian jobs.


Please Contact Us Here or call us on 1300 258 456

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TKO Bollards