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Looking for added protection when it comes to securing important assets, goods or equipment? In Ground Bollards are designed to be resistant to ram raids with a portion of the steel in ground bollard installed into a concrete footing.

In-Ground Bollards come in many colours (any colour you want) and can easily be modified to have additional features such as eyelets for threading a chain through to limit pedestrian access, a thicker wall is also a popular feature for in-ground bollards, due to the high use in ground bollards are employed for to limit vehicle access, a thicker wall makes even more sense and adds even more protection.


All TKO Bollards In-Ground Bollards come with the following finishes:
Hot Dip Galvanised this protect the black steel pipe and helps with the power coating process
Powder Coating (this includes a treatment of paint prior to power coating)
Hand wrapped in bubble protection wrapping at our facility

Our In-Ground Bollards can come in the following finishes:
316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Softwood Timber
Hardwood Timber

TKO Bollards is proud to say that we are an Australian owned and every bollard we sell, including our In-Ground Bollards are made in our Brisbane Workshop.

All our In-Ground Bollards are Australian Made, right in our own Brisbane factory, given this we offer the highest quality inground Bollards on the market combined with strict quality control procedures in place starting from when the raw material enters the workshop straight through till when the bollards get delivered to you. 

TKO Bollards manufactures in Brisbane and supplies In-Ground Bollards across Australia including Sydney and Melbourne. Made with Top Quality Steel, we have the right bollard for your job. 


  • Hot-dip galvanised & safety yellow powder-coated finish, Grade 316 Stainless steel & Timber.

  • Our In-Ground Bollards are longer than our Surface Mounted Bollards as approx 100/200mm needs to be placed into the ground.

  • Standard class 1 reflective band.


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