Brisbane City Council Bollards

TKO Bollards manufacture Brisbane City Council Bollards and Street Furniture. We stock a range of Bollards including the BSD-7095 and the BSD-7096. Bollard drawings are available to view on the product pages.

All our Bollards have been made to the exact specifications required by the Brisbane City Council and can now be ordered online. We have stock of each Brisbane City Council Bollard and they can be dispatched immediately once an order is placed. If you are after a complete service, our guys can also deliver and install at your convenience. 

We generally have stock in hand for our BCC Bollards, but if you are after a large order of Bollards, our common lead time is 3 weeks. 

Brisbane City Council Bollards (4)

13-05-012 | BSD-7094 Fold Down Lockable Removable Square Bollard


BSD-5052 Brisbane City Council Stainless Steel Multi Bike Rack


BSD-7096 140 OD/MM Brisbane City Stainless Steel Removable Bollard


BSD-7095 140 OD/MM Brisbane City Stainless Steel Fixed Bolt Down Surface Mounted Bollard