Bollard Guide

At TKO Bollards, we manufacture and produce all of our bollards. Being Australian made, we pride ourselves on making sure that you get the best possible bollard for your needs.  

So what are Bollards and why do you need them?

Bollards are sturdy posts that serve to safeguard pedestrians, equipment, and buildings from traffic and unauthorised access. They're crucial for securing restricted areas and TKO Bollards can provide you with the right ones specific to your needs.


Types of bollards

There are various different bollards available in the market, but we believe that these are the most popular options for our customers and potential customers.  

In-Ground Bollards

    An In-Ground Bollard is a stainless or galvanised steel pipe that is installed into the ground for added security and protection. They come in a range of sizes and can be customised to meet your specifications. 

      • Fabricated from hot dip galvanised steel & safety yellow powder coated finish or stainless steel grade 316
      • Standard class 1 reflective band
      • Surface mount models also available

      Removable Bollards

        Removable Bollards are suitable for shop front and roller door entries to prevent ram-raid 'crash and grab' robberies. They are also used on footpaths, driveways and lane ways for vehicle access control. Removable bollards are ideal for commercial and industrial areas that include warehouses and factories.


          • Bollards come in freestanding and roller-door models
          • Widely used at shop fronts and shopping centre entrances
          • High quality "keyed-alike" with 2 unique keys provided per bollard.
          • Additional keys provided on request, with keyed alike option also available
          • Galvanised and powder coated, galvanised only or 316 stainless steel models
          • In-ground sleeves are available for new concrete and core-drilled installations
          • Optional chain ring kits available
          Surface Mounted Bollards

            Surface Mounted Bollards have a base plate which is bolted or screwed into the ground to make it easy to install. These models are designed for light duty use and are ideal for zoning off areas to manage pedestrians and vehicles navigating through your site. 

            They can be installed by most people, but we recommend getting a professional technician to install your bollard. TKO bollards are manufactured from mild steel with a powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel finish. 


            • Hot dip galvanised & safety yellow powder coated finish with removable plastic caps. Some suppliers ONLY hot dip galvanise OR powder coat - not both. We proudly use quality steel along with hot dip galvanise & powder coating for the best quality Brisbane bollards
            • Standard class 1 reflective band
            • Fully welded heavy steel base plate
            • Below ground models also available

            U-Shaped Bollards

            U-Shaped Bollards are typically used for the protection of equipment and are very common in spaces that need coverage over a wider area than a regular bollard can provide, such as fuel stations and bike lanes. They are also widely used as bike racks.

            We install all our bollards & wheel stops throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast.

            If you would like to contact us or have any more questions, please call us on 1300 258 456

            Bollard Guide