Powder Coated Bollards

Our Powder Coated Bollards are Galvanised to prevent rusting then Powder Coated by our specialists. They are durable and won't crack, chip or peel and can be coated in any colour that suits your company or requirement.


Some features are:

  • Highly Visible.
  • Weather Proof
  • Rust Resistant
  • Presentable for any location
  • Ability to be custom made including your choice of colour. 

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Powder Coated Bollards, Australian Bollards


Powder Coated Bollards (28)

Collapsible Fold Down Bollard


165 OD/MM 1.3M Disabled Car Park - Surface Mounted Bollard


220 OD/MM Surface Mounted - Powder Coated Bollard


90 OD/MM 1300MM High In-Ground - Powder Coated Bollard


100 OD/MM Powder Coated In-Ground Bollard