Brisbane Airport Skygate - DFO Bollards - Architectural Bollards

DFO Bollards

At TKO, we are committed to quality and providing the best quality product for our clients. For this job, we were asked to replicate and supply Stainless Steel Architectural Bollards and a Powder Coated In-Ground Bollard by footpaths around DFO and the food courts and outside the Novotel Hotel.

If you have any jobs that you have existing Bollards, but you need more, contact us. We manufacture in Australia and can provide you with identical Bollards.  

See our finished work down below:

Architectural Bollards

Existing Bollard on the Left, Our Bollard on the Right.


DFO Bollards

DFO Bollards

Novotel Bollards

DFO Bollards

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