Hungry Jacks Bollard Install and Rumble Bars

hungry jacks bollard install

With Hungry Jacks opening a new store, we were contacted to install and manufacture our TKO In-Ground Bollards and Rumble Bars. 

The store requested our custom White In-Ground Bollards to be installed right in front of the car spaces. Looking from the images, we think that it looks great!

In addition to our Bollards, we were asked to provide and install Rumble Bars. 

Rumble Bars are a brand new product to TKO Bollards. Their role is to control traffic and are a road safety feature to make drivers aware of potential upcoming safety hazards. If you were looking to buy some, they are effective and cost-effective option for any business and can save a lot of money in the long run. 

The job was completed on-time and on-schedule just in time for the grand opening of the store. If you're a business looking for customised Bollards made in Australia, contact us today. We will love to help you with your project. 

 bollard install

Our Bollard technician making sure that the bollards are straight and levelled out. 


Hungry Jacks bollard install

The Bollards are looking great in-front of the brand new Hungry Jacks restaurant. 

hungry jacks install

The Burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.

hungry jacks install

 The new Hungry Jacks restaurant has nearly completed. It is scheduled to be completed in October 2019. 

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