Fixed Steel Bollards

Fixed Steel Bollards


Often called Permanent Bollards or In Ground Bollards, Fixed Bollards are the best method when it comes to protecting equipment, assets, staff & customers from potential ram raids, reversing vehicles with poor visibility (utes etc) or area's where vehicles are required to get close to sensitive equipment like petrol bowser's etc.

TKO Bollards Fixed Bollards are made of top quality Australian Steel, fabricated in our workshop in Brisbane. We are especially careful of how we make our bollards, All our Fixed / In Ground Bollards are Hot Dip Galvanised then Powder Coated. We do offer just plain hot dip galvanised bollards for those who don't need any form of powder coating on their bollards.


Fixed Bollard In Ground Bollard

The trick with the Fixed or In Ground Bollards is how you install them. We recommend 300 mm into the ground for anything below a 165 mm Bollard. The more protection you require the more of the bollard you ideally want installed into the ground. To go another step you can even core fill the bollard - which essentially means filling the bollard with concrete then putting the cap on (or leaving it off) this adds another layer of protection and is a great idea if security is your primary concern.


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