Queensland Police Station Headquarters Bollards 

"Protecting the Law"


In January 2018, the Queensland Police Station experienced a major threat to their security when a reckless driver drove their car up the stairs of the main entrance. 

In response to this threat, Queensland Police decided to reinforce their security with new Bollards and they chose TKO Bollards to fulfill the job.  

Our Job was simple; to design Bollards that will fit into the environment and compliment its surroundings while providing maximum security to protect equipment, assets, staff & customers from potential ram raids, reversing vehicles with poor visibility and car ramming. 

As there were existing Bollards outside the Station, the Queensland Police required our custom Architectural Designer Bollards for the job. We completed the job in record time and modelled the current Bollards outside the station to maintain the consistency of the design and look. The Queensland Police needed these Bollards as soon as possible and we provided nothing short of a world class job. 

 Here is a photo of one of the Bollards that we designed for the Police

We pride ourselves on being Australian made, and all the Bollards that we made for the Queensland Police were made out of top quality Australian Steel, fabricated in our workshop in Brisbane.


Here are some photos of the new installation of our Bollards outside the Queensland Police Headquarters: 





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