What Makes One Bollard Better Than Another? (Imported vs Australian made)

What Makes One Bollard Better Than Another? (Imported vs Australian made)

 What's the difference between bollards

Bollards are pretty simple... steel pipe & some paint, right?

 Whilst technically correct getting the right bollard that will last and keep your site safe and looking good should be important to you. 

This is where choosing a bollard that has the correct manufacturing process is important.

TKO Bollards manufacturers our bollards to take a beating - that's what we expect them to do and nothing less. To make this possible we start with quality steel from a reputable national steel company and we've been using this company for around 60 years..so it's safe to say they've proven themselves over and over.


The process begins with galvanising.

 Once we have the steel pipe we have the bollard (pipe at this stage) hot-dipped galvanised - what's this mean? it's the method of coating iron and steel with zinc at around 500 degrees, in the end (read the wiki article on galvanising here) this helps protect the steel bollard from rusting. Many of the overseas bollards cut costs and skip this step, it helps keep their profits higher and speeds the manufacturing process up.  When this step is skipped if someone were to reverse, hit or drop the bollard and it chips the powder coating - the chances of the bollard starting to rust are high.


 So, we've got the steel bollard hot-dipped galvanised. Next, it's off to the powder coater.

Every bollard is powder-coated, to what standard is the more important question - ours are powder coated by a range of Brisbane Powder Coaters and are all done to the according to ASNS (AS 4506-2005 Metal finishing) this means our bollards are 1) hot-dip galvanised and 2) powder coated meaning all bollards manufactured by TKO Bollards are highly protected and even if someone manages to chip the powder coating exterior, the galvanised finish protects the raw steel (called black steel) from exposure and generally rust.

Now, what does this mean for you?

Simply put, even though our bollards are Australian made in our Brisbane workshop, we are still on-budget and in some cases cheaper than Chinese and overseas imports. We also have the ability to make subtle or custom changes.

Every day our bollard team deals with small to large orders from 1 surface mounted bollard to a custom job requiring fabrication and exact match paint/powder coating works - we have the experience, knowledge and technical expertise to help you make the right decision. We pride ourselves on being for the customer every single day, helping you achieve your deadlines and desires without compromise.

Lastly, we put a high-vis reflective sticker on every bollard, this is the last step in safety and helps identify bollards and the area's they protect in low light.

We are passionate about bollards and customer service - we are here to help so please feel free to browse our site, use the live chat or phone up.

Remember, when buying a bollard from TKO Bollards you are actively helping employ other Australians.Australian Made Bollards