Why Choose A Rubber Wheel Stop

What's The Best Wheel Stop For You?

So you have a job on or your need a rubber wheel stop for your own use, well don’t stress in this blog we’ll go over why you should be using rubber wheel stops – the materials used in them and also the lifespan of your average rubber wheel stop.



Concrete vs Rubber

Concrete Wheel Stop

To begin with concrete wheel stops are on average more expensive due to the materials used, the time invested in baking the concrete and space needed when making them. On top of that the concrete wheel stops are heavy, 5 times that weight of a rubber wheel stop. This mean when installing you’ll need two crew members adding on more costs.

Lastly, whilst concrete wheel stops will withstand huge amounts of force they can be potentially detrimental to a vehicle if hit and some; can easily chip or crack.




Plastic vs Rubber

Rubber Wheel Stop

Designed to fit the needs of a personal area such as a home garage it’s common knowledge that from a commercial perspective the plastic wheel stop is inferior to both the concrete and rubber variety due to the inability for the stop to withstand multiple interactions with vehicles. TKO Bollards does not stock the plastic wheel stop – it’s something we tried but decided for best value to our customers and adhering to ASNZS we stick with the compliant concrete and rubber wheel stops.

 Rubber Wheel Stops

Rubber Wheel Stop

The Rubber Wheel Stop is a tried and true form of car park, vehicle and pedestrian safety. The reason for the preference to the rubber wheel stops are numerous but we have listed some key reasons below:

  • They offer the perfect middle ground between plastic and concrete variety. They are very light compared to the concrete variety, but heavier than the plastic ones.
  •  Thus, while they can be easily transported and installed, they do an effective job of stopping vehicles from bumping into walls.
  •  Often, it takes just one person to load and unload rubber car park wheel stops.
  •   Since they are easy to carry around from one place to another, carrying out repairs and maintenance around them is also not a hassle. On the other hand, working around bulky blocks of concrete stops can be tricky. The best part about rubber stops is that they do not chip like the concrete variety. Thus, even if a car accidentally goes over them, they won’t break and crack. That makes them long-lasting and you get the true value for money.

Additionally, Rubber Wheel Stops are dyed in highly visible colours (Yellow and Black) and TKO Bollards rubber wheel stops have a added texture that helps drain water quicker from the stops allowing less potential slipping hazards.

Our Rubber Wheel Stops are made from Recycled Rubber – this gives you the ability to save money and still receive a top-quality product.


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