Why You Should Choose an In-Ground Bollard.

Why You Should Choose an In-Ground Bollard.

So, you have a job that needs some Bollards, but you're not sure what bollards will suit your site/office best. 

We’ll outline below the best uses for all the bollards we stock, if you see something here that you’re not quite sure on – simply contact us and we can help you out.

I need protection from Ram Raids & other malicious attacks.

This is easy. An In-ground Bollard also known as Below Ground Bollard is your only choice here, If you’re serious about protecting your assets an In-ground Bollard is your best bet - The reason being is In-ground Bollards are installed as the name suggest into the ground, whereas a Surface Mounted Bollard is Bolted Down via DynaBolts. See the below images

 what bollard is right for you - in ground bollard

In-Ground Bollard (installed into the ground)              


What bollard is right for you? Surface Mounted                       

Surface Mounted Bollard


Installing a Bollard into the ground provides more resistances to a vehicle travelling at high speeds or the alternative – a vehicle (normally four-wheel drive) which starts in low gear and slowly builds up speed all whilst pushing against the Bollard – with the outcome to push the bollard over causing minimal damage to the vehicle.

An In ground Bollard avoids the above by having a certain amount of steel pipe in the ground, for more protection add more pipe into the ground. The standard is 200 mm (anything less can cause the bollard to topple over)

If you have no alternative and can only install a Surface Mounted Bollard then you would be looking at a 220 OD Surface Mounted Bollard.

Lastly, when installing the in-ground bollard make sure to use professionals who scan the concrete for underlying services, TKO Bollards has a dedicated installation team who install anywhere in Brisbane 5 days a week.