Six Ways to Use Bollards

Six Ways to Use Bollards

Bollards are used throughout the traffic management and security industries and they function in several different roles. We are going to look at six ways in which they can be used.

1. Calming Traffic- When traffic gets out of hand, bollards can be used to control the situation. They can designate car-free zones, stop people from parking their vehicles on sidewalks and used to narrow lanes and slow down traffic. By placing bollards strategically, traffic accidents of all kinds can be prevented. The best kinds of bollards to use for certain situations are heavily reinforced ones. These have concrete cores and are constructed from steel. Bollards have started to replace safety cones in a lot of areas.

2. Making Dark Areas Lighter- Many crimes are carried out in poorly lit areas, and that kind of behaviour can be discouraged by using modern bollards that are fitted with lights. This could be a self-contained unit that operates on solar panels for renewable energy or it could be one with a built-in LED and battery. Bollards may also be connected to a power supply as part of an electric network. Bollards with reflective surfaces can be used to denote sensitive areas, and they are able to reflect approaching headlights.
Tire Deflection- Bollards that are bell-shaped are often used to keep property and people safe from vehicles that are straying away from where they should be.

3. Permitting Traffic Control- Certain areas need focused management of their traffic at specific times of day. These may be religious institutions, schools or factories. Portable bollards are a great way to control traffic and keep everyone safe as traffic moves around them. They may be temporarily mounted on permanent posts or attached to a hydraulic mechanism that raises and lowers them as needed. Some areas even use smart boards to automatically control when bollards raise and lower.

4. Making Races Safer- During racing events, one of the top priorities is keeping the racers safe. Bollards can be used to indicate sharp corners or to alert drivers to unsafe areas of the road. They are made to break apart when a vehicle hits them.

5. Keeping Areas under Control- There are lots of different bollards that provide this function. They can be very flexible bollards that are fixed together as well bollards that double as flowerbeds. Police make use of safety bollards to protect crime scenes, and permanent bollards are extremely heavy and can be used to keep vehicles away from sensitive areas. This kind of bollard has become far more commonplace since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

6. Protecting Historic Areas- There are more than 90,000 sites, objects and buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Australia. These places can be easily damaged, and they need to be protected. Bollards can prevent people from going near them and vehicles from harming them. Depending on what can damage the site, soft, safety bollards can be used or harder, heavier permanent bollards may be required.

In Conclusion

There is more need for security measures with each passing day. Bollards are immensely important, and they will only be more useful as time goes on.

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