What makes an in-ground bollard a good choice

What makes an in-ground bollard a good choice


You may have a job that requires bollards, but not know which is the right bollard to use. We are going to look at what different ways you can use bollards from the ones we sell. If you aren’t sure which bollard to use for your situation, then please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to assist you.

Protection from Attacks of All Kinds

It’s a simple choice if your problem is a lack of protection. You need a below ground bollard then. That’s one that is installed into the ground and that is incredibly secure. It’s different from mounted bollards, which are bolted down. This is the best way to protect your property and assets.

If you have a bollard installed into the ground, it will give you a lot more security than one that is simply resting on the ground or that is bolted into the surface. If you are looking for something that will stop a speeding vehicle or a ram attack, then you need a bollard that is very sturdy and that can stand up to just about anything. In-ground bollards can stop a speeding vehicle dead in it is tracks, and they can also withstand an attack where a vehicle starts in a low gear and increases speed while pushing against the bollard to try to knock it over.
By placing part of a steel pipe into the ground as support, in-ground bollards are protected from being pushed down. As a standard, there should be about 200mm of pipe under the ground attached to the bollard. If there is any less, then the bollard is likely to topple over when forced.

You may not have an alternative, and you may be forced to use a surface mounted bollard. In that case, you probably want a 220 OD bollard.

Always make sure to hire professionals to install an in-ground bollard. They can make certain that the concrete is secure and will hold the bollard while it is under attack. We have a committed installation team that is ready whenever you need to them to install your bollards for you. Call us when you are ready to protect your property.

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