TKO Bollards are your one-stop shop for Bollards, so we deliver Australia Wide and offer installation, bollard removal and repair packages all around Australia and can deliver them in front of your doorstep within days.


As a Business or an Organisation, it is important that the right security and safety measures are in place to protect buildings and equipment, and we understand that it could be hard to find the right solution. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of Bollard specialists to help you throughout the bollard process from the planning stage to the manufacturing and installation of your bollards. 


At TKO Bollards, Security and Safety is our number one priority and with our Australian Steel Bollards, you can relax knowing your building, staff and other assets are protected with quality workmanship. Bollards are an essential part of any business which helps you achieve securing restricted areas & TKO Bollards will help you find the right Bollards for your needs.


Our Security Bollards are our standard vertical poles designed to protect your property from vehicle impact. We have a variety of different models from Surface Mounted/Bolt Down Bollards, Removable Bollards to In-Ground Bollards and can be manufactured to meet your specifications. Safety Bollards can be installed anywhere but are most notably used in Public Places such as Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, Skyscrapers and Shopping Centers. 


Our Standard Bollards are Safety Yellow Powder Coated for high visibility but can be personalised to your preference and can be Galvanised, Stainless Steel or Powder Coated. 


We also have Foldable Parking Bollards, Normal and Disabled Parking Bollards to secure and prevent unauthorised use of your Car Park and Disabled Parking Bays while also providing protection for pedestrians using footpaths.


What Is  A Bollard?
Bollards are made from various materials such as metal, wood, plastic and concrete, bollards are posts manufactured to be used in a variety of applications within shopping centres, car parks and facilities which require pedestrian and asset protection while meeting architectural requirements.


 Our Bollards
We fabricate our Bollards in-house to Australian Standards with qualified tradesmen; in which we monitor the whole manufacturing process from start to finish ensuring the best quality product is produced for our customers.


 At TKO Bollards, we stand behind our products, so we have quality control processes in place for all our Bollards. We have been manufacturing Bollards for over 20 years, are ISO 9001 Compliant and Australian Made Certified


        Why Choose Us?
        • All our Bollards are made in Australia
        • We Deliver, Install & Repair Bollards Australia wide
        • Over 20 years experience manufacturing Bollards
        • We are ISO 9001 Compliant and Australian Made Certified
        • We also sell Wheel Stops & Parking Solutions
        • Delivery Australia wide
        • Install options available

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