Retractable Bollards | Automatic Bollards

Retractable Bollards are great for any application where you need to protect or prevent access to a specific area while also offering vehicle access to authorised vehicles. Also known as Automatic Bollards or Hydraulic Bollards, TKO Retractable Bollards provide a great alternative to Boom Gates, as they are pedestrian-friendly and provide more of a physical deterrent to ramming.

Our Retractable Bollards make it easy and convenient for you to lower and raise the bollard, there are four access control options that are available, including a pin input, by swipe card, a key and by remote control. The bollards come in two different sizes including a 165OD and a 220OD both with a stainless steel coating. 

Do you have existing bollards that need to be removed? Not a problem. Our bollard technicians specialise in installing and removing bollards, just contact us today and we can set up an appointment at your earliest convenience.



  • TKO Logo engraved on the top of the Bollard
  • Red LED lights turn on while bollard is raised
  • Built-in pump with biodegradable oil
  • Stainless Steel Bollards
  • Four different variations to control bollards - Remote Control, Keypad, Key or Swipe Card
  • Sizes - 165OD and 220OD
  • Can be delivered and installed by our bollard technicians

220OD Bollard

  • 1400mm In the ground
  • 900mm Off the ground
  • 2300mm Total height
  • Bollard weight 220KG 


  retractable bollards retractable bollards
  retractable bollards automatic bollards


retractable bollards


Price on application. If you want to buy or find out more about our Retractable Bollards, please contact us today through our Live Chat or via our email: