Rubber Wheel Stops Sydney

Rubber Wheel Stops Sydney


Looking For Rubber Wheel Stops Sydney that you can rely on for your job site?

We've been selling Rubber Wheel Stops in Sydney and around the country & are so sure of our quality Wheel Stops that we provide a 3 Year Warranty. With one of the lowest prices in Sydney along with a 3 year warranty why would you buy elsewhere?

Our Sydney Rubber Wheel Stops are made from premium, sustainable rubber and come with hi-visibility chevron style reflective stripes. This is helpful for low-visibility scenarios and for vehicles reversing in.

These Sydney Rubber Wheel Stops are compliant with the AS/NZ2890.1:2004 stipulations and are suitable to be installed into asphalt and concrete.

Specifications of these Sydney Wheel Stops:
DIMENSIONS: 1650mm x160mm x100mm




Features of these Rubber Wheel Stops:

  • Lightweight making it possible for one person to install by themselves, where as concrete wheel stops require two persons to install.
  • The hardy premium rubber wheel stop will not crack or chip
  • Flexible yet strong, allowing for vehicles to drive over without breaking or bending
  • Three Year Warranty on all Sydney Rubber Wheel Stops
  • Easily installed with 3x bolts (depending on concrete or asphalt) Buy wheel stop fixings here 


Why Rubber Wheel Stops?

As we briefly touched on above, rubber wheel stops are best used when you have a number of factors in play, they can range from: Only have one person to install the wheel stop, require hi-visibility for a low light area and area's where the wheel stops maybe driven over, walked on and in highly trafficked areas.


How To Install Sydney Rubber Wheel Stops

TKO Bollards installs everything we supply, either ourselves or through vetted third parties who have the same values TKO Bollards.

If you are needing your Rubber Wheel Stops installed, please let us know and we can supply you a quote for both the wheel stops and the installation.

Not sure if you need rubber or concrete wheel stops?

For the most part Rubber Wheel Stops are your best and easiest option, however Concrete Wheel Stops are designed for longevity and to brave the elements that little bit better. To view our Sydney Concrete Wheel Stop options please click here