220 OD/MM Surface Mounted - Powder Coated Bollard - Brisbane bollards
220 OD/MM Surface Mounted - Powder Coated Bollard - Brisbane bollards
  • SKU: BSMP220

220 OD/MM Surface Mounted - Powder Coated Bollard

  • Barcode: BSMP220

220 OD/MM Surface Mounted Bollard       Powder Coated


Our new TKO Bollards are manufactured from top quality steel and are designed to be used in a variety of applications within shopping centers, car parks and facilities which require pedestrian and asset protection while meeting architectural requirements.
TKO Bollards are produced by Kennedy Welding, meaning all our Bollards are made to Australian Standards and with Quality Steel, which provides a longer lasting product.

TKO Bollard four bolt surface mount bollards provide a time efficient and cost effective solution for installation with no core drilling or concreting required.

 Designed for

  • Shopping Centers, Car Parks and property protection.
  • Cafes, Commercial Car Parks, Pallet Racking & more - If you are unsure what type of bollard you need, please call us on 1300 258 456 or Contact Us
  • Manufactured from top grade steel, in Brisbane Australia.
  • All Prices Exclude GST - Shipping may vary depending on your location.



Height: 1130mm

Diameter: 220mm

Base Plate Diameter: 340mm 4xm20 Dyna Bolts

Finish: Hot dip Galvanized

Wall Thickness: 4.5mm

Model: BSMP220


Weight 38.2 KG
Dimensions 1130x220x280mm


220mm Bolt Down / Surface Mounted Bollard

Model No: BSMP220



Wall Thickness: 4.5mm

Baseplate: 280mm 4x Fixing Holes - Please advise if you need Dynabolts (m16)

Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised


Additional options if required:

Optional eyelets for chain

Removable cap for concrete filling

Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Powder Coated or any custom colours.

Plain hot-dip galvanised finish

Height and diameter to suit