Brisbane City Council Bollards

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Got a job on that requires Brisbane City Council Bollards? Well, great to have you - below you'll find the range of to-the-spec Brisbane City Council Bollards

We've been making BCCC spec bollards for both steel and timber uses. All those timber bollards you see around a park are required to be to an exact spec. Same thing goes for most bollards located within the Brisbane CBD.

There's a small range of BCC bollards, the removable and surface mounted options require intricate detailing (a logo of the Brisbane City Council) so it's something you'll want to get right!

Below is a list of the bollard "types" named for the Brisbane Council.

BSD-7095 (Surface Mounted)
BSD-7096 (Removable)
BSD-5052 (Bike Racks)

Click the above links or scroll down to view all the bollards, both timber and steel. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get a quote, request further details or speak to our estimators and sales team.

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