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Type 4 Gold Coast City Council Bollard | 165 OD/MM In-Ground - Powder Coated

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Type 3 and Type 4 Gold Coast Bollards

Introducing our Gold Coast Bollards; we stock and manufacture all types of Gold Coast Bollards including the Type 3 and Type 4 Pedestrian Bollards.

Our Type 4 05-617 Gold Coast Bollards are manufactured in Brisbane and built to the Gold Coast City Council standards. 

TKO Surface Mounted Bollards are made from high-quality Australian steel and meet Australian Standards - easily installed via simply core drilling and cementing around the in-place bollard.



Height: 1625mm Total Length of steel pipe.

Diameter: 165mm

Finish: Powder Coated



Weight 32KG
Dimensions 1625x165


Designed for

  • Premium Asset protection - Ideal for stopping Ram Raids, Protecting high Volume traffic area's such as boom gates, and other entry points. 
  • Banks, Shopping Centre's, Commercial Property, Switch and Fire Protection & much more- If you are unsure what type of bollard you need, please call us on 1300 258 456 or Contact Us
  • Manufactured from top grade steel in Brisbane, Australia.
  • Shipping may vary depending on your location. 

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